Here we are coming up on our 13th annual B.E.E.R. Cruise 2014, and it is still getting bigger and better.  Last year we had around 50 boats show up from around the country.  From Canada, to South Florida, to California, the boats, they just kept on coming.  We have even had two articles written up in Small Craft Advisor describing the cruise in detail.

This year we are going to rediscover some of the beautiful sailing territory of this region, and give you the opportunity to wear the tackiest shirt you can come up with.  The dates for this years cruise is June 13 through June 17.  In theory, this should be well ahead of hurricane season, but all bets are off for the next few years.  If it rains, and you get really wet, just think of it as keeping your beverage cooler a little longer.

BEER has a kid, crew, boat and pet friendly open door policy for all 2 and 4 legged attendees and we don't discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national or planetary origin, religion, politics / sexual, boat or beer preference / animal breed. We even let Mac owners attend  (LOL! A little since of humor).

As in the past, this is not a sanctioned event, each skipper will be responsible for his or her own vessel and crew.  There is no cost involved for joining this group during this event.  The only cost you might incur, will be the marina cost, which is $55, slightly more if you come early, and the cost of the cookout on Friday night, if you wish to participate.

If anyone wishes to get on the Skippers List, just click here and fill out the form.

See how simple that is.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.

Designed by the crew of Teliki