Cruise details


This is the cruise plan for the 17th annual 2018 B.E.E.R. Cruise. The G.R.I.T.E.Ster’s want you to have the best experience possible. The G.R.I.T.S.ter’s HIGHLY recommend sticking with the fleet for the best B.E.E.R. Cruise experience. Remember, the bigger the crowd, the better the party.  Also this year, the G.R.I.T.Ster’s are going back to Skipper packets. In these packets, there will be a list of skippers contact info that has signed up for the Cruise as well as a nav chart with the anchorages noted. These packages will be handed out at the skippers meeting and while you are arriving and setting up your boats. G.R.I.T.Ster’s will be walking around and making sure everyone has one.


Wednesday-Friday June 13th-15th

Boats start rolling and rigging then splashing. Friday evening, there will be a Cajun Dinner hosted by Pensacola Shipyard. There will be live entertainment and an inflatable jump for the kids. At this same time, the G.R.I.T.Ster’s will hold their skipper's meeting and answer any questions someone might have.

Saturday June 16th

The fleet will sail to Sailboat cove located west of Ft. Mcree (Lat. 30.3 deg. / Lon. -87.2 deg.) This year, it was recommended that we hit the beach first to cook up some of our food instead of carrying it around the whole weekend. (Good idea Charles Brennan)
 During the day, there will be plenty of socializing, swimming, drinking and Kubb! (Look it up) Here, we will have a campfire that night as well as musical sing along. 


Sunday June 17h 

The fleet will sail on west to Pirates Cove for a night of Bushwackers and Cheese Burgers in Paradise. (Lat. 30.371 deg. / Lon. 87.532 deg.)


Monday June 18th

This will be our longest day of sailing to our last overnight anchorage. The fleet will be heading back East to Little Sabin Bay for an afternoon of swimming, Socializing and bar hopping!  (Lat. 30.333 deg. / Lon. 87.145 deg.)


Tuesday June 19th

Well, it's time for this years B.E.E.R. to come to a close. We will be pulling up anchor and heading back to P.S.M.C. to haul out, un-rig, and head home, hopefully with good memories of another B.E.E.R. Cruise. With a little luck and good health, hope to have many of you back for B.E.E.R. Cruise 2019.

Designed by the crew of Teliki