B.E.E.R. 2019 Skipper Roster - 61 boats registered so far!

Skipper: Shane Wallace (Wallace the Great)
Crew: Renee Wallace
Boat Name: Blew by you
Boat Type: Catalina 36 mk 2
Port of Call: Baton Rouge, LA
Skipper: Ed Combs
Crew: Becky, Piglet, and Duke the Wonder Dog
Boat Name: The Black Pearl
Boat Type: Sea Pearl Trimaran
Port of Call: Floral City, FL
Skipper: Bill Glade
Crew: Patti and Ashley
Boat Name: Triad II
Boat Type: Corsair
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL/Wauconda, IL
Skipper: Wayne Howard
Crew: Connie
Boat Name: Impetuous
Boat Type: 37' Tartan
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Ben Harris
Crew: Blake, Pogo, and Scuppers
Boat Name: Pelagic Explorer
Boat Type: Robalo 225
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Paul Heitkemper
Crew: Mary, Jamie
Boat Name: Stella Maris
Boat Type: MacGregor 26D
Port of Call: Louisville, KY
Skipper: Todd Roberts
Crew: Michelle Mato
Boat Name: Altered Ego
Boat Type: MacGregor 26X
Port of Call: Yellow Springs, OH
Skipper: Randy Saterlee
Crew: Andrea
Boat Name: Arabella
Boat Type: Seaward 23
Port of Call: Osage Beach, MO
Skipper: Jim King
Crew: Don “DJ” Jones
Boat Name: Kashmir
Boat Type: Catalina 400
Port of Call: Gulfport, MS
Skippers: Randy Rutledge & Morgan
Crew: Anthony & Mary Segars
Boat Name: Fear Knot
Boat Type: Hunter 376
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Peter Busenlener
Crew: Will Busenlener
Boat Name: West Magnolia
Boat Type: Beneteau 321
Port of Call: Pearlington, MS
Skipper: Simon Hasty
Boat Name: Danny's Song
Boat Type: MacGregor 26M
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: "Gunner" Jim Barger
Crew: Colonel Jim Barger
Boat Name: Marilla
Boat Type: MacGregor 26M
Port of Call: Kenner, LA
Skipper: Andy Myrick
Crew: Melvie and Will Myrick
Boat Name: Trina Dee
Boat Type: C22
Port of Call: Tullahoma, TN
Skipper: Sam Ruple
Crew: Sharon Ruple
Boat Name: Final Endeavor
Boat Type: MacGregor 26X
Port of Call: Knoxville, TN
Skipper: Paul Watson
Boat Name: Luff 'N Stuff
Boat Type: Hunter 23
Port of Call: Valdosta, GA
Skipper: Pedro Almoguera
Crew: William Almoguera
Boat Name: Sea Wind
Boat Type: MacGregor 26X
Port of Call: Crofton, MD
Skipper: Malcolm Newbold IV
Boat Name: Catnip
Boat Type: Catalina 22
Port of Call: Lake Weiss, AL
Skipper: Larry Johnson
Crew: Peggy McCullouch
Boat Name: Peggy Sue
Boat Type: Sailboat
Port of Call: Etowah, TN
Skipper: Dave "Captain Bligh" Furman
Crew: Lisa, Davis, Lee
Boat Name: Windezvous
Boat Type: MacGregor 26S
Port of Call: Albany, GA./Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Tim 'TBone' Bohlman
Crew: Lisa Bohlman
Boat Name: The Defiant
Boat Type: 32' Mariner Ketch
Port of Call: Milton, FL
Skipper: Gene Trahan
Crew: Pennylynne
Boat Name: Boscoyo
Boat Type: Bayliner 240
Port of Call: Houma, LA
Skipper: Wayne Howard
Crew: Connie
Boat Name: Impetuous
Boat Type: 37' Tartan
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Robert Riggs
Crew: Carlie Riggs
Boat Name: Windwalker
Boat Type: Morgan 382
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Pat Jackson
Boat Name: Wild Goose
Boat Type: Mirage 236
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Mike Howell
Boat Name: Jewel
Boat Type: Sun Cat
Port of Call: Kelos, TN
Skipper: Sanford Hardy
Crew: Deanny Hardy
Boat Name: Canis Minor
Boat Type: Ranger Tug R23
Port of Call: Birmingham, AL
Skipper: Jimmy Harrell
Crew: Tim Vacula
Boat Name: Pi Cloud
Boat Type: MacGregor 26D
Port of Call: Lake Sinclair, GA
Skipper: John Roddy
Crew: Stephanie
Boat Name: Pa Tu Lah
Boat Type: Macgregor 26X
Port of Call: Baldwin, LA
Skipper: Roger Bailey
Boat Name: Speed-O-Man
Boat Type: Catalina 25
Port of Call: Milton, FL
Skipper: Liam Ogden
Boat Name: Wind dancer
Boat Type: 
Port of Call: 
Skipper: Steve Thibodeaux
Crew: Melissa, Stuart, Stacey Thibodeaux
Boat Name: Wine Down
Boat Type: Catalina 36 MK II
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Bill Hold
Crew: Debbie Hold
Boat Name: Persistence
Boat Type: Catalina 22
Port of Call: Lake Weiss, AL
Skipper: Don Martin
Crew: Tina Martin
Boat Name: Mariha
Boat Type: Catalina 22
Port of Call: Leesburg, AL
Skipper: Trevor Bryant
Crew: Andy Bryant
Boat Name: Seminole Wind
Boat Type: Macgregor 26
Port of Call: Lakeland, FL
Skipper: Tim Hayward
Boat Name: SV Jubilee
Boat Type: Islander 30
Port of Call: Houston, TX
Skipper: Bob Fry
Crew: Lynn Fry
Boat Name: Southern Breeze
Boat Type: Hunter 23.5
Port of Call: Tucker, GA
Skipper: Robert Riggs
Crew: Carlie
Boat Name: Wind Walker
Boat Type: Morgan 38
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Charles Brennan
Crew: Mary Brennan, Max the Mariner
Boat Name: Urchin
Boat Type: Laguna Windrose 18
Port of Call: Gainesville, FL
Skipper: Andy Kohler
Crew: Mark Press
Boat Name: Matt’s Landing
Boat Type: C25
Port of Call: Canton, GA
Skipper: Jerry W. Hardin (Uncle Jerry!)
Crew: TBD
Boat Name: Sandpiper
Boat Type: C22
Port of Call: Oakdale, TN
Skipper: Jeff Ball
Crew: Michelle, Kaitlyn & Madison
Boat Name: 
Boat Type: Macgregor 26M
Port of Call: Kingston, TN
Skipper: MichaelL Rose
Crew: Jason Tarter, Michael Rose Jr.
Boat Name: Scottish Rose
Boat Type: Macgregor 26X
Port of Call: ???????
Skipper: Tom Scott
Boat Name: Comfortably Numb
Boat Type: Hunter 25.5
Port of Call: Bagdad, FL
Skipper: Curtis Dantone
Boat Name: Birdie
Boat Type: Old Flying Scot
Port of Call: Madisonville, LA
Skipper: Dimitri Krinos
Boat Name: Lucky 7
Boat Type: Macgregor 26X
Port of Call: Tampa, FL
Skipper: Paul gallant
Boat Name: Hooliban
Boat Type: Catalina 22
Port of Call: Milton, FL
Skipper: Mike Shortle
Crew: Maybe the Dog
Boat Name: 
Boat Type: Catalina 22
Port of Call: Shreveport, LA
Skipper: Michael Leggio
Crew: Doug Matte
Boat Name: Doc of the Bay
Boat Type: Macgregor 26X
Port of Call: Baton Rouge, LA
Skipper: Kim and Julie Connerley
Crew: Many lol
Boat Name: Coquina
Boat Type: Coquina
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Walt Schumann
Crew: Sue Schumann
Boat Name: LaBodega
Boat Type: O’Day 32 CC
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Bill Spence
Crew: Billy Rich
Boat Name: Wind Widow
Boat Type: Macgregor 26M
Port of Call: Northport, Al
Skipper: Rick Adams
Boat Name: Valkyrie
Boat Type: S2 7.9
Port of Call: Gulf Breeze, FL
Skipper: Ned Westerlund
Boat Name: Vagabond
Boat Type: Albin 25 Trawler
Port of Call: Shalimar, FL
Skipper: Stephan Scrop
Crew: Alessandra Boza
Boat Name: Sea Gypsy
Boat Type: Com-Pac Eclipse 21
Port of Call: Pompano Beach, FL
Skipper: Kim Huggins
Crew: Pam Huggins
Boat Name: DeLuna
Boat Type: Tartan 27
Port of Call: Pensacola , FL
Skipper: Greg Patterson
Crew: Regina Ginn, Deneen Jacome
Boat Name: Blue Moon
Boat Type: Hunter 41
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Pink Floyd McKenzie
Crew: Carole Ann McKenzie
Boat Name: Carole Ann
Boat Type: Catalina 25
Port of Call: St Somewhere, FL
Skipper: Ken Griffin
Crew: Jennifer Griffin
Boat Name: Jamie Sea
Boat Type: Hunter 260
Port of Call: Milledgeville, GA
Skipper: Gary Harwell
Boat Name: Dixsea Breeze
Boat Type: Catalina 22
Port of Call: Chattanooga, TN
Skipper: Charles Jones
Crew: Robin Young
Boat Name: Necessity
Boat Type: Lindsey 21
Port of Call: Magnolia Beach, TX
Boat Name: 
Boat Type: 
Port of Call: 

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