B.E.E.R. 2018 Skipper Roster

Skipper: Shane Wallace (Wallace the Great)
Crew: Renee Wallace
Boat Name: Blew by you
Boat Type: Catalina 36 mk 2
Port of Call: Baton Rouge, LA
Skipper: John Roddy
Crew: Stephanie Roddy
Boat Name: Pah Tu La
Boat Type: Mac 26X
Port of Call: Baldwin, LA / Houston, TX
Skipper: Bob
Crew: Lynn
Boat Name: Southern Breeze
Boat Type: Hunter 23.5
Port of Call: Tucker, GA
Skipper: Ole Whats His Name
Crew: Connie Howard
Boat Name: Impetuous
Boat Type: Tartan 37
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Ted Cowley-Gilbert
Crew: Brandy Cowley-Gilbert
Boat Name: Into the Mystic
Boat Type: Nimble Arctic
Port of Call: Shell Point, FL
Skipper: Sam Hunter
Crew: Freida Hunter
Boat Name: Dragonfly
Boat Type: MacGregor 26S
Port of Call: Atlanta, GA
Skipper: Bill Butts
Crew: TBD
Boat Name: Why don't we...?
Boat Type: South Coast 22
Port of Call: Cypremore Point, LA
Skipper: Jim King
Crew: "DJ" Jones
Boat Name: Kashmir
Boat Type: Catalina 400
Port of Call: Gulfport, MS
Skipper: Pat Noonan
Boat Name: Last Call
Boat Type: Cape Dory 25D
Port of Call: Lake Josephine, FL
Skipper: Don Martin
Crew: Tina
Boat Name: Mariah
Boat Type: C 22
Port of Call: Douglasville, GA
Skipper: Roger Bailey
Crew: Susan Furth
Boat Name: Breakin Wind
Boat Type: Catalina 25
Port of Call: Milton, FL
Skipper: Paul Gallant
Boat Name: Hooligan
Boat Type: Catalina 22
Port of Call: Milton, FL
Skipper: Capt'n  Ben
Crew: Carol, Blake, Pogo, Scuppers
Boat Name: Pelagic Explorer
Boat Type: Robalo 225
Port of Call: Pensacola, FL
Skipper: Paul Heitkemper
Crew: James, Mary
Boat Name: Stella Maris
Boat Type: MacGregor 26D
Port of Call: Louisville, KY
Skipper: Gray Edmondson
Crew: Brandon Dixon
Boat Name: Sea Dragon
Boat Type: Hunter 40.5 Legend
Port of Call: Gulfport, MS
Skipper: Tom Scott
Boat Name: H.M.S. Monkey Butt
Boat Type: Sovereign 5.0
Port of Call: Blackwater Bay, FL
Boat Name: 
Boat Type: 
Port of Call: 
Boat Name: 
Boat Type: 
Port of Call: 

Last updated Feb 14, 2018

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